What's more headache for a creative than the sudden sense of incapability to express usual skills, traits or abilities? Especially when such person is under pressure so intense that it feels like only a coma can bring such sooth. Well, here are a few things you must always abide by to kill this 'joy-killer' called creative blocks: 1) Do not wait for deadlines. Ahah! I saw that face (guilty, right?😉). Overconfidence in ones self brings about a lackadaisical attitude towards work. This encourages a creative to procrastinate till the eleventh hour when it will be almost impossible to ignore the pressure that comes with a hundred missed calls and fifty unread (and scary) messages from the client. Do not force it. Just like childbirth, you may have to give your mind time to relax. Do not get angry with yourself but instead, engage in other activities that you are interested in. Just if you suddenly lose 'vibe' to work, shut everything down and go doing something else before you finally get back to work. 3) Consult a mentor/friend for past works that could inspire you. As much as no one will encourage you to plagiarize, feel free to consult past works that may be similar or near the scope of what you want to do. This will give you the headway that you need. All in all, make sure you remain ARTcentric and watch yourself rule your world!.

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CHRISTIANAH ADENEYE Creative Director and founder of KINA school of arts is an award-winning writer,Bi Analyst and spoken words artiste. Christianah has worked(and is still working) with various creative and enterprising platforms in Nigeria,Ghana,Zambia,San fransisco and The United States. with a goal to build a foremost arts institue from Africa to the world, the school is dedicated to the raising of a new league of artists that would enforce social reconstruction and heal the dying world with their art.