DEAR CREATIVE, YOU NEED A LAWYER! Overtime, many artists have made reports of being duped, outsmarted, double-crossed, plagiarized, cheated and even still played on emotionally. It is more disheartening that the majority of creatives (especially in Africa) downplay themselves do much that they feel super privileged whenever their services are paid for. You know, right? We say it's wrong! Here's why you need a lawyer: 1) You need someone to guide you on legal actions to take whenever your work is plagiarized/used without due credit. 2) You need someone to draw up the paperwork for your agreements and signups 3) You need someone who can defend your cause and request for due compensation should your clients fail you. 4) (UNPOPULAR OPINION) You need something to brag about whenever you are fixing your bills! (hahaha) 5) You need a strong and legal support system. At the end of the day, you need to remain ARTcentric!

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CHRISTIANAH ADENEYE Creative Director and founder of KINA school of arts is an award-winning writer,Bi Analyst and spoken words artiste. Christianah has worked(and is still working) with various creative and enterprising platforms in Nigeria,Ghana,Zambia,San fransisco and The United States. with a goal to build a foremost arts institue from Africa to the world, the school is dedicated to the raising of a new league of artists that would enforce social reconstruction and heal the dying world with their art. a sit